Crazy Monkey Development



Re-evaluating, improving and simplifying existing solutions is the ultimate goal on the way to the most perfect product possible. Therefore innovation is as easy as scratching your back: just remove everything unnecessary and add what is missing!

A BRIEF HISTORY – How to become a monkey

In 2014 a not so serious guy planned to create a whole new carburetor cap, in order to get rid of those annoying trouble when the original one was killed by the side cover of his scooter over and over again. Since the design was somehow complex and not suitable to be machined in the conventional way, he switched over to complete new production methods.

After lots of setbacks and most of his buddies laughing at his idea, the first working prototype was ready about 6 month from the beginning. Another six month and several improvements later, the Monkey was born, the company was founded and the first Snakehead was available. Since then, a lot of new accessories have emerged …

Scooter Center – Our Partner in Crime

If you try to change the world, it’s always better to find your partner in crime as early as possible. So the Monkey did.

From the very first moment of Crazy Monkey Development, the Scooter Center was willing to take the risk of approaching its own customers with products that had never existed before. What a great chance for the Monkey. And the beginning of a long and friendly relationship.

Without our partners at the Scooter Center everything would have been much more complicated and harder.

The Monkey never sleeps

Okay, not never, but whenever he sleeps he often dreams of new products or improvements for the existing ones. Since 2015 he tries to make your scooter life easier, more secure and much more comfortable.
As a result, almost 40 products have been created to date.

At the moment, no fully finished product gallery is ready to be published, but we can offer you a brief overview of what we have developed for you. Please take some time to scroll through our products. In case of any questions, please feel free to contact us for further information.

Nearly every single item is available at the Scooter Center’s online shop or via direct order at the Monkey’s small office. It’s your decision. If you want to buy directly from the Monkey, please write him an email until his own online shop goes live.

Make your decision, but choose wisely!

Let’s get digital

Time is changing and so the tools we are using do. Some things aren’t physical anymore. They have become digital buddies, being carried around the whole day and accessible whenever you need them. For the Monkey everything digital is like a very special banana plantation. He likes to play around there and pick the best fruits for you. So it’s not very surprisingly he selected some very sweet items for your pocket.



The most comprehensive jetting tool four your Keihin®-carburetor.


CMD Timing machine

Maybe the one and only calculator for your engine’s port timings

Your Way to coconut beach!



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